The work that Tony does is truly life changing. I had the pleasure of meeting Tony through the Women In Tech Sales Bootcamp. Above all, Tony is a passionate coach who helps his clients realize and unleash their full potential. He is genuine and goes above and beyond for his clients. Thanks to his expertise, I was able to transition into tech and received my top job choice. Tony earns my highest recommendation.

Natasha V

After spending 20 years in the financial services industry, just over a year ago I found myself without a job. Tony, a longtime friend and mentor, coached me through the change and continued to instill in me the confidence required through challenges like the one I had been presented with. He had actually identified years earlier the path he knew fit me best. Everyone around me knew this as well. It was as though he was putting the final touches on the career I had always deserved. I would not be where I am today without his unwavering support and guidance. I am now in a career that I always wanted, but didn’t have the confidence to believe I could succeed. I am beyond grateful to Tony for his commitment to my success.

David H

Tony is a charismatic leader that empowers future leaders to plot their own direction with confidence. Tony was instrumental in developing me into the Operations Support Officer role, as he has been with many others at RBCI. I first met Tony during one of the university business case competitions; DECA. I was the competitor and Tony alongside his colleagues were my judges. At the end of our presentation, Tony leveraged radical candour to provide us with feedback and coach us towards becoming better presenters. He did this even though he had never met us prior. His words obviously resonated with me and a short few months later I started my internship at RBCI. His unmatched dedication to young people, coaching them into success stories is a true asset and deserving of my recommendation.

Daniel B

Strong business acumen is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about TonyTony is a passionate leader who truly exemplifies excellence in execution. I had the pleasure of working with Tony in both direct sales and sales effectiveness environments and I was very impressed by his unique ability to energize individuals to deliver high performance. As a senior sales leader and coach, Tony earns my highest recommendation.

Yazid O

Tony is an engaging and inclusive leader who consistently drives success by creating clear and challenging objectives, and facilitating a highly focused team effort to execute with excellence and discipline. He has great integrity as a leader, providing honest feedback and unwavering support to his team and colleagues. I have had the pleasure of working with Tony over many years in several different relationships. That experience has helped me grow and I would highly recommend Tony as a coach and for senior leadership roles.

Brian V

I have known Tony for the better part of 16 years. He is an astute leader who pays attention to detail and challenges you to be your best self continually.

Andru M

I first met Tony at a regional DECA event for my university. He gave a talk on the importance of confidence and believing in yourself and your abilities. I later reached out to Tony on LinkedIn when I was looking for a job. As someone who did not come from the field of tech/IT it was quite a daunting process to look for, and apply for jobs. Tony was kind enough to mentor me over the course of a few months. He took the time to review my resume and gave me pointers on aspects of it that I should improve. He gave me advice on enhancing my LinkedIn profile, including adding keywords and relevant experience. With Tony‘s help, I was able to land a full-time job! Tony is incredibly gracious with his time as he continues to follow-up and check on the progress of my career. I am grateful for all his help.

Wajina S

Tony has been my Executive Coach for about 1 year. With a consistently inspiring and effective coaching style, he helped me to uncover behaviors that I need to adjust for an impactful career growth!

Using a 360 survey on my current colleagues, after some decoding, Tony guided me to develop an effective and specific Action Plan on strategic mindset, communication & leadership and relationship building. For example, on communication, I learned a framework to tell memorable and impactful stories naturally at work.

I would recommend Coach Tony without reservation!

Alan W

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