A lack confidence, self doubt, imposter syndrome, and an inability to effectively communicate with impact, are key barriers to professionals achieving their career goals.

  • Do you hesitate to take action fearing you may fail?
  • Does worrying about what others may think impact your decisions?

  • Wish you could more effectively communicate your value and impact with confidence?

  • Do you wish you were a more impactful, engaging, and confident leader?

Leveraging over 30 years of executive leadership experience I customize and tailor solutions to help you develop the confidence, and competence, to be as successful as you dare. It begins with understanding the key challenges you face. Identifying and highlighting your strengths, accomplishments and communicating your value with impact. By equipping you with the tools to confidently engage your team, colleagues, and leadership for the greatest impact you will develop the confidence and competence to have the success you desire and deserve.

Master the Art of Confident and Impactful Communication

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Meet Tony Bagnato

I am a leadership, communication, and confidence coach. I help leaders overcome the personal and professional obstacles preventing them from achieving the career success they both desire and deserve. Simply put, my mission is to help leaders be as successful as they dare. My coaching is rooted in the knowledge that clear, honest and transparent communication is the language of leadership and a lack of effective communication undermines your success. As a Financial Services executive, with over 30 years experience leading high performing teams, I have found that the most common challenges are captured in three key areas; Self-Confidence, Leadership, and Communication. My coaching focuses on three main areas:


  • Self-Confidence
  • Leadership

  • Communication

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‘A setback if never a bad experience, just another one of life’s lessons’

‘A setback if never a bad experience, just another one of life’s lessons’

Every setback provides us with a choice. We can allow it to be debilitating, and prevent us from taking action, or we can take the learning and confidently drive forward.