I had the great pleasure of being a guest on the “Alli from Corporate” Podcast where we dived deep into understanding how to thrive in the corporate world.

I shared many stories and strategies on overcoming your inner critic, enhancing your personal value proposition, and what happens and is talked about when Executives meet.

Whether you aim for a Director, VP, or C-suite role or strive to be seen as a thought leader, this episode is packed with strategies to elevate your career.

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After a great 2 minute summary and introduction listen to Alli and I talk about:

4:04 – Silencing your inner critic

6:40 – Delivering your Personal Value Proposition with Confidence

10:35 – Being vulnerable as a leader

12:54 – What leaders say when you are not in the room

18:30 – A framework to have an impact and ‘Coach up’

23:10 – How large corporations manage talent

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